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    Address : San Diego
    Country : CA, USA
    City : San Diego
    Keywords : San Diego County Sheriff's Department - We Are Hiring

    This video will soon be seen in local movie theaters to encourage people to apply to the Sheriff\’s Department.

    The San Diego County Sheriff\’s Department is hiring. Recruitment for Law Enforcement, Courts and Detention Deputies is open on the first business day of each month starting September 2nd. It means you can apply online for the position and register to take the written exam. To apply, visit www.joinsdsheriff.net. Applicants will be required to complete a comprehensive background investigation.

    Newly hired employees will help fill staffing needs at patrol stations, court houses and detention facilities. The Sheriff\’s Department is expanding with the new Rancho San Diego Sheriff\’s Station expected to open late this year. The expansion project at the East Mesa Re-entry Facility in Otay Mesa and the first phase of construction for the new San Diego County Women\’s Detention Facility in Santee are expected to be completed in the spring and summer of 2014. While the department welcomes all applicants, there is currently a specific need to hire female deputies for the new women\’s jail.