About us



FormalTalk.com is a California based organization devoted to help local,national,and the international job seekers find their dream jobs. At FormatlTalk.com users are able to post their innovative video resumes in the world number one interactive job search engine website. Our Goals is to facilitate the process of hiring and getting hired, and to make it easy and appealing for both the employers,and the job seekers through interactive video resumes sharing.

At FormalTalk.com you can share your video resumes using multiple ways such as YouTube, and similar video sharing websites. Users can also share their videos resumes from the convenience of their smart phones. It is that easy!

Our principle is to work in a professional , collaborative and interactive friendly platform. Presenting Free of charge services for job seekers to post their video resumes, and to help our local community getting hired for the general good.

We are located at the heart of the Bay Area, California. Our offices are close to San Francisco, San Jose and the Silicon Valley.

Because of our unique location, and services that is offered free of charge to job seekers, we encourage all visitors to take a daring step in their professional career ,and post their video resume in our website.


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