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slideshowIf you are looking to be different among millions of candidates who are flooding the internet with their online resumes and profiles, you have come to the right place as a professional Video resume search engine. Our aim is to help candidates reach more exposure to direct employers for free, using innovative video resumes that attract the attention and brings positive results.

Getting rid of the old-fashioned way of resume writing,and the fruitless interviews is necessary nowadays, especially when advanced video recordings become the norm in the world of smart phone technology.

Now if you want to break the norm of job hunting, you should consider posting an attractive Video resume on FormalTalk.com. A video resume will not only add a positive niche to your online profile, but it will also make you look more professional, and different from those candidates who still follow the old way of resume writing.

post video resumeWith FormalTalk.com you can easily record your video resume through your smart phone, then upload it directly to formaltalk.com , and you will also have the option to send it to your http://www.Youtube.com channel first, and then post the link to FormalTalk.com for a wide range of exposure. At FormalTalk.com we can host your video resume for free, you can send the link to you future employer with your online video resume profile.We also have hundreds of corporate clients and employers looking for candidates through their innovative video resumes on a daily basis.

FormalTalk.com is your free one-stop employment shop whether you are job seekers or an employer. Forget about the old-fashioned way of useless resume writing. Now on formaltalk.com we can help you with professional Video resume that will attract your employer.


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